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Bulletproof glass warranty

Exploitation recommendations

Actions in the event of claim

Transportation, storage and unpacking guidelines

Installation guideline

Glass quality inspection guideline

Gun-ports exploitation guidline

Glass from the frame disassembly guidline

Recommendations for drivers

Resistance to chemicals

Gun-port installation guideline

If during your work process you have any complaints or suggestions to MAGISTRAL regarding the quality of delivered products, lead-time or any others, please, use the following guidelines.


1. Actions when claiming about the product quality

Take a picture (preferably using the camera with at least 5.1 megapixels matrix and with option of microphotography) and check the product number (XXXXX) and the date of manufacturing (MM.YY), which are located under the logo of MAGISTRAL, then apply using:



Phone numbers:

+7 4922 779778, +7 910 777 1619 (WhatsApp)


+7 49241 23586

Or our web-site:

www.magist.ru or www.mgs-armor.com


To clarify the situation MAGISTRAL should know the following data:

  • Name of the Customer;
  • Name (brand and model) of the vehicle;
  • Type of the glass (windscreen, side, etc.);
  • Unit number (ХХХХ);
  • Date of manufacture (MM.YY);
  • Conditions under which a defect was detected or formed.

We will be appreciated if you provide graphics or pictures as well as information about the alleged reasons of the defect appearance. Please provide contact information, and the experts from MAGISTRAL will contact you within 3 working days.


2. Actions when claiming or expressing wishes regarding the service quality

If you have any claims to the terms of manufacturing, delivery of the products, quality of delivery, quality of service (information regarding handling of the order), notify thereof to:



Or our web-site:

www.magist.ru or www.mgs-armor.com


3. Conformation of the claim

MAGISTRAL investigates every claim and informs customer about the results. During the process of claim conformation you have rights to:

  • Return the product;
  • Require the arrival of specialist from MAGISTRAL to a customer territory for inspection of the product;
  • Accept the product with defect asking about discount.


Meanwhile MAGISTRAL may reject you claim in following situations:

  • If the product was utilized without validation of the claim by MAGISTRAL representative;
  • Because of transportation (if self-delivery), storage, installation and/or operation guides violation;
  • There are tracks of mechanical impacts on the product.