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The largest manufacturer of
bulletproof glass in Eastern Europe

Dozens of implemented projects of military equipment glazing since 1992

Unique proprietary gun-ports

Especially for the implementation of the project "Typhoon", we have developed and successfully tested a bulletproof glass, protecting against 2 hits of armor-piercing incendiary bullet B-32, caliber 14.5 mm
Russian lightly armored vehicle.
Ural VV
Armored vehicle with mine-protected and single-volume armored body
Tiger (5 CR)
Russian multi-purpose armored terrain vehicle.
Wolf (6a CR)
The family of armored vehicles. Add-on armor and protective glazing from the company Magistral correspond to the class 6a.
Protection against
46 mm
85 %

105 kg/m2
Protection against
  • Unique gun-ports
    We can mount the patented proprietary gun-ports, which are water-resistant, resistant to degassing solutions and without hindering the function.
  • Military quality
    The quality of the bulletproof glass, supplied to perform government contracts, is controlled by the military acceptance of the RF Ministry of Defense