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The largest manufacturer of
bulletproof glass in Eastern Europe

Armored multilayer window units and protection glass for any armored designs

Architectural glazing:

-glazing of buildings

-production of glass office partitions and fences

-special types of glass

Reliable protection of all classes

Armored multilayer window units can be mounted at the facilities of any kind with the possible threat of an armed attack on the staff or visitors to these facilities. Protection can be selected based on the desired level of security.

Special protective film

Application of special films makes the glass impact-resistant. Such protection is able to withstand the outside impacts of, for example, stones, bullets, blast wave; detain intruders until securities arrival; It helps to protect the property to preserve human life and health.

Durability and simple installation

Armored glass for windows differ from conventional ones in that they have more weight. Our glass has minimum weight characteristics, which reduces the weight of the armored design constructions and prolongs the life of the armored windows, and allows the installation of the designed constructions at the height and in hard to reach places.

How to extend the life

To extend the life of armored windows and reduce their cost is possible if they are manufactured in a blind version (without opening flaps). When installing armored opening windows it is necessary to minimize the number of the flat opening to a minimum to prevent slack hinges. Also it is not recommended to leave the armored window open for a long time, since the hinges can be easily damaged.