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bulletproof glass in Eastern Europe

Ballistic glass

Bulletproof glass

Bulletproof glass is composed of M1 glasses and PVB film, laminated to each other in an autoclave. As an additional factor that increases the protection level of the bulletproof glass, the special splinter-proof materials can also be used.

The protection level defines primarily the strength of the protective glazing and type of weapon, shots of which the design will be able to survive. In our catalog you will find the bulletproof glasses of different standards including Russian GOST R 51136-2008, European DIN EN 1063 and VPAM PM 2007, American NIJ 0108.01, NATO STANAG 4569 and others. Our products meet the requirements of GOST R 51136-2008 and ANSI (Z26.1): The products perfectly allow light to pass through, suitable for internal and external glazing. Thermal insulation of the protective glazing can be provided by to choosing the right multiple glazed unit.

If you value your safety, it is necessary to pay attention to the protection, placing your order with a trusted manufacturer. The Company Magistral LTD for more than 20 years have been working to ensure that you could buy a bulletproof glass that meets the highest standards of reliability.

Our products:

Scope of application

Armored glass may be used for glazing of:

  • Currency Exchange offices;
  • Cashier's offices of the enterprises and organizations;
  • Guard posts;
  • Cashiers’ working places in the banks, petrol stations, etc .;

It is also possible to order the armored glass to protect the banking equipment, cash-in-transit vehicles and any other vehicles, as well as buildings and constructions of any purpose. Their main task is to protect the guarded facility from hacking, attacks and shelling. In the Company Magistral LTD You can also place an order for the manufacture of the armored glass with unique characteristics:

  • tinting in any color;
  • mirror surface;
  • heat and sound insulation;
  • resistance to additional factors.

We produce protective glass since 1992 - and during that time, we have learned all about what characteristics are important to each of the protective glazing kinds offered by us. Our products well tolerate extreme temperatures, high humidity, and the intensity of the wind, therefore the products from the company Magistral LTD can be used in unheated rooms and in rooms with high humidity - as well as for external glazing.

Buy armored glass at the best price, contacting the Magistral LTD!