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The largest manufacturer of
bulletproof glass in Eastern Europe

Safety glazing for surface ships of all types

The wireless electric heating protects the glass from fogging and icing, while maintaining excellent visibility

Triplex Features

Protection against

Wireless electric heating

The Company Magistral has developed unique technologies to realize wireless heating of the bulletproof and triplex glasses

Excellent visibility

Electrically heated windows provide excellent visibility; prevent the viewing area from fogging and icing. The glasses are equipped with electric heating system with a voltage supply of 12, 24, 36, 110, 127, 220 and 380V

Uniform heating

Wireless heating technology developed by the Company Magistral for the bulletproof glasses allows uniform heating without using any metal wires inside the protective glass. The result is better visibility comparing with the one using metallic strands


If necessary, the company Magistral LTD will manufacture customer glazing made of safety tempered glass and shatterproof laminated glass (triplex) for pleasure boats, hovercrafts


Our products are certified to comply with the requirements of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping and Russian River Register

Certificate of Standard Approval 15.50946.130

Certificate of Standard Approval 15.50948.130

The certificate of conformity issued by the "Russian River Register"